Free courses are important for Entrepreneurs

1 – The making of a great entrepreneur

Will I Learn to Get clarity on your ideas, find purpose and map out the vision

for your business and life. These are the foundations which you will build

your business upon for a life that you love.

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2 – Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs

This course is an overview of trademark law that focuses on the questions asked by most entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The course is structured as an interview with Dana Robinson, professor, attorney, and entrepreneur. Dana draws from his business and law experience to deliver practical answers to the most common questions.

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3 – These 5 Books Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

This course shares book reviews from 5 of the most influential business books today. You do not have to own or have read these books to get value from it. If you have read these books already, that’s a bonus as these reviews will help consolidate your learning.

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4 – Growth Hacking: Free Tools For Small Business Owners

FREE growth-hacking strategies,
tools and hacks for small business owners,
start-ups and kitchen table entrepreneurs.

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” Success begins with a step forward ”

” good luck ”