welcome to Success Step  ^_^ 

A simple definition about me …

I’m a social marketer, graphic designer, and video designer & Business Online since 2014.
I’m Instructor Business Online at Udemy

My Mission

I’m here to help you build a successful online business in order to help you achieve financial freedom you are searching for to achieve your dreams. 


My goal is to help as many online businesswomen as to build a successful online business from their home, help them define their goals from online business to succeed online, and help them in their first steps to build a successful online business that will achieve financial freedom and fulfill their dreams through online Business. This is through practical and practical steps through the courses and tools that we offer you about an experience to save time and effort in building a successful online business, and I will be with you step by step to achieve this success.



My Story

 I’m Sarah Eissa
 I started in the field of online business in 2014 and started my journey to find my passion in this field. I studied different fields and worked in it. I also worked as an electronic marketer and director of social media pages for some business companies in my country. Also worked as a graphic designer and video player. Areas gained practical experience to break it between the right and wrong path.
And have achieved success in those areas thank God .. And over time I discovered my true passion is the field of training because I wanted to convey my experience and experience to my ladies to make them see their success achieved from their home.

And started my journey in the field of training in March 2016 .. The beginning of the trip with courses of the Media Media, which achieved success with my students and thank God .. This made my passion increased with each student success of my students in her work and income from her home.

And increased courses .. And provided a full training program to start work from home and was joined by many of my ladies and achieved the desired success and thank God
This motivated me not to stop my local experience only.

I start training on in May 2016 and today I am trained for 4700 students. In my plan for this year, the number of courses and students will increase.

But it does not mean that I became a trainer. I stood up to learn. I am not going to stop learning and research. I have to increase my knowledge and experience and convey it to all my students.