Steps to start programming and profit part 2 ( Web programming )



Welcome to the second part ( first part ) of the article of profit from programming today we will talk about the web programming and what languages should be aware of them to be a Web programmer is starting 


Web programming 

Web domain: is a field of programming, which is the design or programming of websites or web pages (whether one page or multiple pages) such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. It has three basic sections that are completely different from each other:

  • Web Design.

  • Web Development.

  • Data Base.

The design takes care of what a user sees in the front end of the design, colors, and effects like the look of the site you are currently seeing.

To be a web designer you should learn the following languages well: 

1 – HTML language: is the basic language used in the creation of web pages and is not a programming language in the sense and form familiar to other languages, but the language of structuring (Hyper Text Markup Language).

For example, they do not contain control and rotation sentences, and if needed, you must include codes from other languages such as Java, JavaScript, CSS. Also, they do not need their own interpreter Compiler. It is not related to a particular operating system because it is interpreted and implemented directly by the Internet browser regardless of the operating system used.

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2- CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets, a design language that defines the HTML file format. It is concerned with fonts, colors, margin, width and height, a background image of the site, how to distribute spaces and many other things. HTML can be used to add site design, but CSS offers more options and is more precise and practical, supported by all major browsers.


3. JavaScript is a programming language that is different from Java but with the same name. It is used to give vitality and life to the site by a set of special scripts on the site from inserting, entering and exiting between the pages as they are used in application programming Which gives the elegance and beauty of the design. Not only that but also used in the programming of game applications and desktop application programming, they are derived from C language and developed by Netscape.


4. jQuery Library: The most popular JavaScript-based libraries help you add magic touches to your site and control events on the page. And it is indispensable today in the design of web pages without it will be a silent web page does not have any magic movements inspire anyone who sees it and indispensable in education is a very easy and simple library and you can learn in a very fast time, according to love and knowledge of this library It will add you a lot to the web page and will move the page a very big leap.


5 –  Framework: The point of the web frameworks is the Bootstrap, which is a framework that was programmed by the Twitter team to facilitate the process of managing the designs and codes, a beautiful framework that helps you to shorten the time and effort in writing a lot of codes, and used by many companies, It will also help you to create Responsive sites. In addition to some programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator Illustrator, which is not necessary to learn, but if you learned it will make you a professional designer and add to your site effects and designs consistent and beautiful. Web programming and the so-called back-end is a set of programming languages that control the management, coordination, and organization of all functions that occur within websites, databases and other things that the user does not see. There are many programming languages that you can rely on in programming your site and the most famous and most useful is PHP and it is a free and open source.

Languages used in web programming and development:

PHP language: first developed in 1995 by Rasmus Leader, the most popular language in building websites and interactive web applications, it is also open source and can be embedded in HTML file, Used in Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Joomla.


Python: A language with a purpose-oriented language, characterized by its easy learning, and simply written and read, first appeared in 1991 by Jaido Van Rüssem. Has been widely used in recent years to be used in web applications, software development, information security and is also one of the best programming languages that can be developed by the developer. It is easy to handle and is used by Instagram on its site and Pinterest and also used by Google, Yahoo


Ruby: This language first appeared in 1993 and was designed by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is fully functional. Its predecessor is used in the construction and programming of web applications and smartphones. It is used by GitHub, Twitter and other famous sites in its official websites. Ruby is fairly easy to handle in learning for beginners. is a language that is not free and this is why most of the programmers deal more with PHP but I was surprised by the presence of many fans so I bought them the best courses in the Arab world and also the comprehensive courses in foreign courses

Databases Since there are many programming languages there are also several languages to create a database but the first advice I will give you before you start in any language to learn  SQL: a programming language used to manage data within databases and is the most used for this purpose. By learning and mastering, you will be able to learn any other language from database languages such as Mysql, Oracle or SQL Server. These languages are used to program a complete site with structural programming and a database to store information and data for each user. And are extracted or shown to him when needed for example or identified by a word and a secret number, for example, and when you choose a programming language you should choose with the programming language of databases and most used in sites with PHP is Mysql. Keeps knowing that the web field is multi-functional and has many functions due to a large number of languages used. It is possible to specialize in JavaScript and become a JavaScript developer or specialize in PHP and PHP developer. Whatever your destination you have to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a beginning (no web developer defined Do not know these basics) undefined



The importance of JavaScript and its libraries is to transform you from a normal developer to a distinguished developer. Do not forget the important specialties such as WordPress or Joomla, which are content management software. All your work is to develop it and create its own applications to improve the performance or add advantages to these programs and also do not forget the importance of the following technologies and names Ajax – Web Services – XML – Bootstrap – Jason

Follow us in upcoming articles we will talk about Python language 
Good luck