Steps to start programming and profit

Programming is one of the strongest and most demanding areas in the labor market and the highest income.

Executives on all freelance job sites are scrambling at very high salaries

So in that blogging will put your hand on everything related to programming and how to start work and win

In the beginning, we answer some questions that put our hands on the beginning of the way to know and learn


What is programming?

Programming is the most powerful field of computer and is the language of communication between the human “you” and the machine like the Arabic language or any other foreign language.

Is a set of commands that guide the computer for the purpose of either to deal with data or how to perform a series of required work called algorithms.

This process is done in the programming language chosen by the programmer (the person who writes the commands). Each software language has characteristics that distinguish it from the other.

We must take into account the task required to use the correct programming language to construct or perform this task.


Programming areas

* Web domain: is divided into Web design and web programming.
* Phone applications field.
* Operating Systems Domain.
* The field of computer programs and applications: “Desktop”.
* Field of games.
* Database management and programming.
* Robotics programming area.
* The field of programming electronic machines (within the field of robots).

And now we will learn about the most important programming languages used in these areas before we explain each area, how it works and the functions it provides.


لغات البرمجة


The programming language is basically the means by which the programmer can write his / her program in the form of instructions and commands that the computer understands in order to carry out the required work.

It is known that the computer converts the written language of the program into a series of two numbers: 0 and 1, and starts on its basis. In order to write commands, the selected programming language provides a set of basic things to base on during the software configuration process and a set of rules that enable information to be manipulated and organized to perform the required work.

These principles and rules are generally:

  • Information and storage
  • Orders and organization of their conduct
  • Special design

Programming languages, based on their proximity to human languages, are divided into:

High-level languages (close to the language understood by humans) such as Si and Java.
Low-level languages (as assembly language; close to machine language).
Sometimes it is divided according to desired purposes from the language used.

Languages designed to operate on specific devices, such as a company producing a computer or a central processor (CPU), and providing a user manual containing the commands to which it is executed.
Other more general languages operate independently of the machine type, that is, they operate within a virtual machine, such as Java
In general, each programming language has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the other and make it suitable to varying degrees for each type of program and task required from this program.

Programming languages also have common characteristics and common limitations because all these languages are designed to deal with the computer.

Some programming languages and areas of work
First: Programming desktop applications

No computer user has ever dealt with desktop applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, antivirus programs, or audio and video drivers.

Perhaps the most popular languages used in this field are:

1 – Language C: C is the oldest programming languages and all other languages have been built on it is strongly advised who wants to enter the field of programming started, which is the easiest language in dealing, and is used in all areas.

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2 – Language C ++ Plus C: Everyone is the best language in the construction of applications, first appeared in 1983 designed by Biern Strstrup, characterized by it is fast, the weakness of it that it has become somewhat outdated.

Uses: Programming games, they are also considered integral to building programs.

Used in: Mozilla Firefox, Adobe, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer

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C Sharp # C: Object-Oriented Language first appeared in 2000, designed by Microsoft, similar to java, which has fast performance, but the weakness is that it works only in the Windows environment.

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JAVA: Object-Oriented Language (JAVA) was first developed in 1995 by James Gosling and is the most popular of all programming languages.

Uses: Network Programming, Web Application Development, Software Development, GUI Development

Used by Android (operating system, applications).

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These four previous languages are the main way to begin learning, understanding and mastering the programming field in general.

If you are not proficient in these languages, you are still a beginner even if you know all other languages.

When you master these four languages, you have become familiar with the concept of programming and the logical thinking that requires working as a programmer and then you are now able to make the right choice according to the specialization you want to learn and what you are interested in.

By learning and mastering these languages, you begin your career as a Junior software engineer, then a Senior, and then become Team Leader until you reach Project Manager.


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